Thursday, September 29, 2011

Death Of A Season, Birth Of A Blog

Welcome to the Asylum, friends.

For those of you familiar with my work, you may have been wondering why there hadn't been a new entry on Foul Balls since August.  Well, now you know. After starting Foul Balls in October 2005 and spending nearly six years writing some of the dumbest things ever written about Chicago sports -- and maybe some interesting stuff as well -- I felt a change was needed.

After all, that dumb stuff helped take me from a disillusioned Chicago sports fan with a hobby and made me a disillusioned Chicago sports fan with a full-time writing gig at And as fantastic as it is to now be writing about sports for a living, the fact is that the majority of my time writing about sports is now focused on the world of college football.

Particularly in the fall, when the season is in full-swing. Which means that I just don't find much time to give teams like the Bears, Blackhawks and Bulls the attention they actually deserve. So if I wasn't going to be able to give Foul Balls the time it needed, it didn't make that much sense to me to keep the blog going.

However, I'm way too self-involved to think for a moment that the world doesn't need to hear my opinions on sports in Chicago, and that's where a compromise was struck.

While I love college football, and I love covering it on a daily basis, baseball has always been my first passion. A passion that started for me much the same way it does for a lot of youngsters in this country, by playing catch with my dad in the backyard. And since my dad was a White Sox fan -- against all odds by the way* -- that meant I was a White Sox fan, and he took me to many games at the old Comiskey Park, where obstructed view or not, the bond I felt with the game of baseball was first born.

*My dad has ten siblings, all of whom except my Uncle Vince are Cubs fans. His father was a Cubs fan as well. My mother has three siblings, all of them are Cubs fans. Hell, my TWIN sister is a Cubs fan, but only because her husband is one. I don't care what she says, that girl didn't give a shit about baseball before she met her husband. Anyway, the point is it's a miracle I'm a Sox fan, and thank god my dad picked a wonderful way to rebel as a youth.

The combination of my Sox fanhood and desire to impose my opinion on the world led to a pretty great idea: The White Sox play a season that, for the most part, takes place during the college football "offseason" which is when I have a lot more free time to write about sports besides college football. So why not just start a White Sox blog?

And here we are.

With South Side Asylum I plan on offering the same kind of analysis, opinion, news and idiocy that I've always brought to the table, and give White Sox fans yet another corner of the internet to come together and commiserate or celebrate a franchise that does everything in its power to shorten our life spans.

So bookmark this site, subscribe to the feed in your reader, follow it on Twitter, and most importantly, enjoy yourselves.


  1. Actually, it's funny what happened. I was counting his brothers and sisters and forgot to actually count my dad. So I got ten and then subtracted one.

    I'm pretty smart.

  2. I am with you Tommy! and you are really smart!


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